Legendary Productivity And The Fear Of Modern Programming | TechCrunch


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The Deep Web Explained by Keanu Reeves on Vimeo

“Dark Net” is a very misleading name. Above video sums it up pretty nicely, the “Dark Net” Tor was designed and is mainly used for good. Good — as in ethically good, but not necessarily good for spying and monitoring agencies (of all colors).

I do not support or approve illegal activities, of course. Not a contradiction, I do fully and actively support Tor since many years and will continue to do so!

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What if we used WordPress like Twitter? Short blog entries only, I could live with that… 

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The truth about the gender wage gap – Vox


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Dash button? REALLY??

“This is truly the future! You press a button and 2 days later toilet paper shows up at your door.”

Apart from the very funny picture of someone sitting on the toilet, facing no toilet paper the rescue is just 2 days away… Stupid! If you had opened the window, drones could have delivered it right to your… but… that is not the point!

I mean: really? What sick mind expects us to sprinkle our homes with small commercials buttons (which we have to pay for!) to remind us to buy exactly THAT brand?? (Well you could connect another brand to the button, but that again is besides the point.

I am not endorsing this with a link to the Amazon Dash buttons. Go see for yourself.

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How Information Graphics Reveal Your Brain’s Blind Spots – ProPublica


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NPM & left-pad: Have We Forgotten How To Program? | Haney Codes .NET


Oh, yes, this is so bizarre…
Why would a programmer with self respect even publish a “module” like those? Not even mentioning the lemmings depending on that.

No, I want to go one step further: avoid frameworks if feasible. You always win on that.

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